PCS JS Immersion

Capstone Project, Week 1

It's capstone time! The first week is all about getting a solid foundation set up so that you can build on it later. The key for the week is to make sure that your whole team shares the same ideas about the goal of the project and who is doing what. The overall schedule for the entire capstone period is:

Friday, October 16

  • Outline of your MVP
  • Wireframes and/or mockups of your site's pages
  • Generate at least three user stories (As a role, I want feature so that reason)
  • Details about which APIs you're using
  • Initial BDD descriptions

Friday, October 23

  • Have your data models and collections created
  • Front end and back end should be talking to each other
  • Any remote services (databases, etc) should be acquired
  • Ideas for post-MVP should be outlined and enumerated
  • BDD descriptions should be done
  • Unit tests should be under way

Friday, October 30

  • MVP should be done!
  • Unit tests should be finished
  • GUI tests should be under way
  • Site should be deployed on Heroku