PCS JS Immersion


Expressions, Variables, and Primitives
Conditionals, Truthiness, and Loops
Introduction to Arrays and Functions
Assertions and Array Methods
Callbacks and Higher-Order Functions

Objects and Properties
Methods and this
Functions as Objects and Factories
Closures and Private Variables
Constructors, Prototypes, and Inheritance

Git, project management tools, and the terminal
Node, NPM, Modules, and Async callbacks (Sudoku part 1)
BDD Testing with Mocha
Sudoku Solver (Part 2)
Sudoku Solver (Part 3)

Document Object Model
AJAX basics
Testing in the Browser

Labor Day Break Week!

Express, RESTful APIs, and Servers
Express Generator, Templating, and Cookies
Static-Site Generator 1
Static-Site Generator 2
Static-Site Generator 3

Introduction to Backbone (part 1-2)
Backbone (part 2)
Backbone (part 3)
Backbone Persistence
More Backbone Persistence!

Persistence with Orchestrate
Orchestrate with Queries
Postgres, part 1
Postgres and PSQL
Postgres with Knex

Regular Expressions & Recursion
Whiteboarding Practice
Redis and Heroku
Security, Nonces, and Password Hashing

Capstone Project, Week 1

Capstone Project, Week 2

Capstone Project, Week 3

Capstone Project, Week 4