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Each week has a lesson plan where you can see what we'll cover that week. Some weeks have assignments . The various topics we cover have their own pages.


Pre-Course Curriculum

Configure your local development environment. Get familiar with the basics of HTML, CSS, and the command line.

Primer Basic Week 1 Lesson Plan

Review the pre-work, meet the class, and starting learning about HTML & CSS.

Primer Basic Week 2 Lesson Plan

More about CSS and an introduction to git

Primer Basic Week 3 Lesson Plan

Seeing your code with Chrome Developer Tools, collaborating with git, and starting the final project.

Primer Basic Week 4 Lesson Plan

Teamwork and client work. Project demos and walkthroughs. Retrospective & next steps.

Primer Pro Week 1 Lesson Plan

Mobile-first design and responsive development

Primer Pro Week 2 Lesson Plan

Introduction to JavaScript.

Primer Pro Week 3 Lesson Plan

Introduction to Bootstrap.

Primer Pro Week 4 Lesson Plan

More Boostrap. Project demos and walkthroughs. Retrospective & next steps.

Start up activities

Details about activities that can be used at the beginning of a class


01 - part 2: Creating your first website

Build a site.

02 Create Your Web Development Notebook

Use Mobile-first and responsive design to create a simple site.

03 Collaborating with git and github (Ping Pong!)

In this exercise you will use Git and GitHub to practice sharing changed content using the Git distributed version co...

04 Mobile First & Responsive Design

Use Mobile-first and responsive design to create a simple magazine site.

06 Introduction to JavaScript & jQuery

Use JavaScript and jQuery to start making web pages interactive

Primer Final Project

This project has three goals: Working as a team Using git to collaborate with branching and merging Showing off yo...


Command line Introduction

A gentle introduction to working on the command line.

Content Management Systems

Managing lots of content - Site generators, Content Management Sytems, and site builders

Git and GitHub: Collaborating like a pro

Master the "blocking and tackling" of the web developer's most indispensable, inscrutable tool: Git. Learn how to collaborate with teammates using GitHub.

HTML & CSS: Refinements

Use HTML5 and CSS3 features to add some elegance to your site's UX.

HTML & CSS: The theoretical minimum

Start building a full-fledged website with HTML and CSS, the core technologies of the web.


Interaction on web pages with JavaScript and jQuery

Next steps: JavaScript, jQuery, Freelancing

What to learn and where to go from here.

Responsive Design

Designing for the mobile web.